How to Make Hemp Bracelets: Cool Designs for You to Try

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Are you ready to learn how to make hemp bracelets? If so, you may be aware that hemp is one of the most diverse and durable fibers on Earth.

When it comes to making unique corded jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces, hemp is one of the best materials you can get your hands on.

Even though hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant, which is illegal on a national scale, it is 100 percent safe and legal to wear. Plus, it is eco-friendly and easy to work with.

So, why learn how to make hemp bracelets instead of picking up some other inexpensive cordage from the local hobby supply store?

Why Learn How to Make Hemp Bracelets?

Hemp is the perfect material for making artistic jewelry pieces like bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Whether you prefer stiff material, or soft like linen, hemp has all the right properties to give you what you need.

Braids, cordage, and macrame are among the most popular styles to use hemp for bracelet making. That said, the versatile material gives you loads of freedom to design the artful pieces of jewelry you envision.

Making bracelets with hemp is both simple to do and requires only basic supplies — hemp (and beads, buttons, or pendants if you desire to be a bit more creative).

For the artistic types, creating original crafts such as hemp bracelets is a lovely idea. It takes little time to learn, is an excellent outlet for creativity, and can be done just about anywhere.

There is a never-ending number of ways to how to make hemp bracelets. That means every piece you make has the potential to be 100 percent unique; which is one of the main appeals to making hemp bracelets.

Who enjoys making hemp bracelets?

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Make Hemp Bracelets

Before jumping into any new hobbies, or making any investments, regardless of the cost, you should be as well-informed as possible. With that in mind, we’ve selected several of the most frequently asked questions about how to make hemp bracelets.

What is necessary for making hemp bracelets?

To make the best hemp bracelets possible, there are a few necessary supplies to procure. Many of these supplies are available in kits. They can also be purchased separately.

The first necessity for making hemp bracelets is the hemp itself. Hemp can be purchased in various weights, lengths, and thicknesses. A typical ball of hemp cord typically comes in 400 feet lengths and costs only a few dollars.

Additionally, colored hemp stands can be purchased in smaller amounts. Beads, pendants, and other decorations will also need to be purchased if you wish to include them in your designs. Aside from the cord and decorations, the only tool required is a pair of scissors.

How do I measure for a hemp bracelet?

Measuring hemp for an essential bracelet is a pretty simple task. Merely wrap the cord around the body part your making jewelry for, in this case, the wrist.

Cut the cord where the ends meet, but be sure to leave a couple of extra inches just in case.

It’s that easy!

How do I attach the bracelet to my wrist?

As mentioned above, when you measure your hemp for bracelet making, you want to leave a couple of extra inches. On the one hand, this is merely for good measure.

On the other hand, the extra measurement is necessary for tying the bracelet into place.

Even more straightforward of a method for connecting a hemp bracelet to someone’s wrist is by attaching jewelry clasps onto each end of the finished bracelet.

How and where do I sell hemp jewelry?

Selling hemp jewelry is a decent way to earn some extra money. Whether doing so on your own, or with a class of students, there are several methods of selling them.

Possibly the most popular method for selling hemp jewelry today is online. There are a ton of websites and platforms such as eBay and Etsy that are perfect for such sales. You can also set up a personal e-commerce store of your own if you wish.

Moreover, some old school methods of selling hemp jewelry still work well also. These methods include setting up a booth (or table) at local flea markets, farmers markets, art fairs, and other various festivals.

How do I price hemp bracelets?

Pricing hemp bracelets and other hemp products is not a hard undertaking. However, there are a few things to consider before slapping that price tag on your bracelets.

All in all, the price that ends up on your bracelet boils down to your perceived value of it. That said, consider the time, money, and talent it took to create each piece.

Hemp bracelets are far from the highest priced pieces of jewelry floating around markets and online stores. They are, however, some of the most unique. And for that reason, you might be surprised how much some of them go for.

Make sure to do your research on competitor products as well as accounting for the cost of time and materials at the very least. Failure to do so will result in a bunch of hard work for a small handful of pennies.

Cool Designs for Making Hemp Bracelets

Dozens of popular designs exist regarding how to make hemp bracelets. That said, macrame, various knotting and braiding techniques, and alternating colors are among the most popular aspects for designing unique bracelets of hemp.

Far and wide the most popular sort of hemp is the natural tan colored hemp. It can be waxed, or purchased pre-waxed as well for a smoother appearance. The waxed hemp is less likely to fray and therefore will last longer.

Beads, pendants, charms, and other decorations are also some of the personal touches that make the coolest one-of-a-kind hemp bracelets.

Here are a handful of the coolest designs that you should attempt to master when learning how to make hemp bracelets:

Sliding knot (adjustable) design for hemp bracelets

Perhaps the most popular of all is the sliding knot adjustable hemp bracelet. With this cool design, there is no need for tying your bracelet into place or for installing clasps.

With an adjustable sliding knot bracelet, it’s super easy to achieve the bohemian style many hemp jewelry fanatics love and adore. Furthermore, this type of design allows you to create one-size-fits-all pieces. Also, you have the opportunity to spruce up the ends however you want.

What you need to make sliding knot hemp bracelets:

  • Two pieces of hemp cordage
  • Donut beads
  • A pair of scissors

How to complete this design:

  • Connect the donut bead with a lark’s head knot
  • Duplicate the above step with the second piece of hemp cord
  • Face both of your knots in the same direction
  • Tie a sliding knot in place on the end of the hemp cordage
  • Adjust and tighten the knot as you wish

Beaded (decorative) design for a hemp bracelet

Some of the most beautiful and exotic appearing hemp bracelets are decorative, usually with beads. And learning how to create cool beaded designs is a sinch. To do so, you’ll need to develop some serious knot-tying skills.

When learning how to make hemp bracelets with beads, there is a lot of experimenting. That said, you’ll want to have plenty of beads, buttons, and other decorations, as well as various hemp colors to choose from for optimal designs.

What you need to make beaded hemp bracelets:

  • Plenty of beads
  • Buttons, charms, and other decorations
  • Lots of hemp cordage
  • Rings and clasps
  • Scissors
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Super Glue

How to complete this design:

  • Create a double knot on the end of your hemp cordage
  • Add a spot of glue to secure the knot (let dry)
  • Begin adding beads according to your wishes
  • Add pendants, buttons, charms, and pendants as you desire between beads
  • Finish out the design with an even amount of beads on both ends
  • Attach clasps on both ends with s small spot of glue (let dry)

Corded design (with pendant) for hemp bracelets

Among the most beloved designs exhibited with hemp bracelets are corded models with pendants. Casual, yet elegant, these bracelets are super easy to create and to wear.

Corded bracelets with pendants are probably the most personal. Besides the colors of the cords, the decoration may be very intimate and meaningful to the person wearing it.

What you need to make a corded hemp bracelet with pendant:

  • Hemp cordage
  • Jump rings
  • Clasps
  • Pendants
  • Needlenose pliers

Steps to complete design:

  • Bend the hemp cordage in the middle and add a jump ring
  • Take both ends of the hemp cordage and create a knot
  • Add the first pendant
  • Create another knot, and add another pendant (repeat as many times as desired)
  • Take the ends of the hemp cordage and trim to the proper length
  • Add a clasp to each end

How to Make Hemp Bracelets with Cool Designs

Whatever your reasons for learning how to make hemp bracelets with cool designs, it’s a great craft to get into. It’s also a great way to make a few dollars on the side. Hemp bracelets are also lovely personalized gifts to friends and loved ones.

Even more, working with hemp is a great exercise that leads to improved motor skills of the fingers and hands as well as enhancing focus in general. Stress levels will also decrease while making hemp bracelets (after the frustrating learning curve is over).

What did you think of our cool designs listed above? Have you mastered one of these techniques or have some additional suggestions for our audience? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Featured Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash


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